Alpha rice

Minna No Gohan (Rice for everyone) This product can be eaten just by returning with hot water or water. simple cooking alpha rice. (Including meal spoon) Foreign nationals visiting Japan are estimated to be 28.69 million people (according to the 2017 Tourism Agency survey) and will continue to increase in the future. Safety and peace of mind to visit this disaster power country, Japan.。 Brief explanation and follow-up site (within Eco Rice HP limited company) with QR code Allergic substances, etc. 27 items Not used Save for 5 years Agree with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)   Product features Proprietary patent manufacturing method No addition, no medicine is used, potassium, electrolyte […]


Plenty of mountain blessings! Okowa is a rice dish cooked with glutinous rice mixed with ingredients other (such as beans or edible wild plants). Okonwa using luxurious ingredients of Uonuma, Niigata. We carefully wrapped the bamboo leaves and steamed it. You can enjoy full-fledged taste just by warming with a microwave oven or steamer.And enjoy refreshing fragrance of bamboo and elegant seasoning.

Rice, rice ball, Side dish, etc...

We manufacture hand-made rice products (such as rice balls, frozen rice balls, chimakis, emergency foods) and prepared foods (using wild plants with miso paste). We are also delivering to nearby events, entertainment, meetings, companies, facilities, elementary schools and so on.Such as “Fuji Rock Festival” etc. Please feel free to contact us.