We and other Niigata Prefecture companies, educational institutions, administrative agencies, etc. team together to create the future of Niigata. Each company brings up technologies, solving problems, and developing products.

Eco Rice Niigata

Suppliers of rice. Collaborate in product development, etc. Presiding over Rice peace project. Farmers confident in making rice in Niigata Prefecture gather and set up a company. Selling rice cultivated with a reduced amount of agricultural chemicals or no agricultural chemicals . As one of the producer organization and positioned at the forefront of environmental conservation, we strive to disseminate recycling-oriented agriculture and support agricultural chemicals and reduced pesticide cultivation.

Mimatsu - Gateau Senka-

Pastry shop in Niigata. Also manufacture rice flour sweets. Every February and November, “Thank you Festival”, which shows bustle in the snowing city, with puff creams costing ¥ 39, is a Nagaoka’s style. Although It does not have direct collaboration with our company, we will cooperate together to act of reconstructing the industry of an area in Niigata.

International University on Japan (IUJ)

The Founding Principles of the Graduate School of the International University of Japan International University of Japan (IUJ) was founded in 1982, with the extensive support of Japan’s industrial, educational and local communities, to train professionals who can actively make contributions to the international society with a high level of interdisciplinary and specialized knowledge. As the nature of IUJ is very different from other Japanese graduate schools that mainly nurture scholars for academia, before stipulating its founding principles, IUJ was extensively discussed at the IUJ Advisory Committee, comprising eminent persons from industry and educational society, and at the Drafting Committee. The following is the Founding Principles of IUJ that have […]

National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College

With the experiences of the Chuetsu Earthquake as an opportunity, they established “Nagaoka Functional Food Creation Study Group”, an industry-academia collaborative research group with Eco Rice Niigata Limited Company. They develop and commercialize the emergency food for disaster emergency for people restricted intake of protein, and the miso made from rice which does not use soybean for soy allergy children. we manufacture these. And they continuing my research for people who can not eat ordinary disaster meals in the event of a disaster.

Cupid Yamato

Cupid Yamato is a community-based supermarket in Minamiuonuma city same as our company. For the muslim students in International University of Japan (IUJ) nearby, they sell a lot of Halal foods. The green price tags in this store indicate the halal, non-alcoholic, or no pork foods.

Cara Planning

public relations, System construction, consulting. Web production company in Tokyo. Produce business applications, edit / produce movies, e-books, leaflets, etc., branding, marketing, consulting and others. Activity related to Islam and food. It collaborates with our company in brand / package design of “Minna No Gohan – Rice for everyone”, direction of this website, business system development etc.