Our Mission

Our company manufactures cooked rice (rice balls, frozen rice balls, chimaki, bamboo rice crackers, emergency food), prepared foods (using wild plants such as miso paste) handmade.

Our Mission

CEO Tokuo Yamazaki

Thinking first of all as customer satisfaction, Provide secure and safe products, continue to be trusted company

Customer satisfaction

らせん階段We think that when you evaluate our work exceeded your expectations, you can think that it was “good, satisfied.” This expectation from you is created by evaluation of our work.

That is

Expectation ~ Work ~ Evaluation ~ Expectation …

And satisfied that it is built up like a spiral staircase shape, we will think about this first and work on the work.


Safety of products

In order to exceed expectations from customers, it is important to grasp what customers are asked for. For our company dealing with foods, at the very least, the basic of safety is indispensable.

We will naturally procure carefully selected raw materials, thoroughly implement quality and hygiene control, send out our products on a truck, imagine until they are carried to the mouth of customers of each home, manufacture, process and provide products we will.

For building trust

楽しい食卓Food is the basic thing for people to live on. And it is also one of the big pleasures of life.

In order to maintain life and health, the safety of food is absolutely necessary, and we can live healthily by trusting it and eating.

However, in recent years, problems such as BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) and incidents such as food impersonation threaten food safety.

As a person engaged in food industry, we will continue to challenge new things each and every day while we must have awareness of not only abiding by social rules but also always dealing with “life food”.

We believe that going “honestly” day after day, sincerely, frankly, builds trust in our products, and in turn leads to trust in our company and social contribution.

Origin of company name “Mesitoku”

Company name “Mesitoku”‘s “Mesi” (Meshi) means rice, as same as “Gohan”.

And “Toku” is named after CEO’s name “Tokuo”.

Also “Toku” means;

  1. Excellent quality gained by training the spirit
  2. Grace, benefit
  3. Profit, merit
  4. wealth, property

We will devote myself so that we will not be ashamed of this name, so thank you for your further patronage.